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video, animation, 7min



JOKUTROPS is a series of 5 short animations based on the research of comedy tropes in cartoons. Jokes, taken out of context, but recognizable. Everybody knows there is nothing funnier than someone else slipping on a banana peel - the misfortune of fools for the pleasure of laughter.

JOKUTROPS was made for PARAJOKS (METAHUMOUR) - a short film program containing video works by 5 artists (Kintija Avena, Marta Viktorija Agruma, Anna Malicka, Dzelde Mierkalne, Madara Gruntmane), made deconstructing humor and researching the mechanisms of a joke - especially the ones referencing themselves. The video performances in between were filmed in Kino Bize, a small independent cinema in Riga, where the short film program PARAJOKS screening took place.

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