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Dzelde Mierkalne & Junny Yeung
Home: We can be alone together // Office: Hope you are doing well/ Best regards,

"We enter the conceptual space of the exhibition already before stepping through the gallery doors. Transforming and taking over the windows, Dzelde Mierkalne and Junny Yeung have created two claustrophobic, almost cinematic environments, espousing how the home and the workspace have become enmeshed into an uncomfortable functional third space, as our emotions slither through the tools and instruments of the corporate environment, dipping into a completely alienated existence that is undeniably part of our world today. Gazing into the gallery through the windows, we expect that something unusual will happen – or has already happened."

Corina L. Apostol and Kristaps Ancans

from the curatorial text of

​- I came here to be alone - I also came here to be alone

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